Basic Info

You will notice the option of becoming a subscriber with every comic that is up for sale. You can choose to opt for only the single issue or take the plunge and add the series to your pull-list shipping on either a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis or in the case of a mini-series, for the rest of or the entire mini-series. You will be immediately charged for the issue and on the Thursday before every subsequent issue is released, we will send you an invoice via PayPal to collect the payment. It is for this reason that we request everyone who wishes to become a subscriber has a PayPal account. You can end a subscription at any period you choose but we must be notified before the Final Order Cut-Off of the next issue. There are many great reasons why you should take the plunge and become a subscriber. 


The more comics you buy, the more money you save.

All non-subscribers get 10% off the regular price for comics. By being a subscriber you can earn a greater percentage off by moving through our three-tier system. Based on the number of comics you buy a month, you can either belong to the Bronze Level, Silver Level, or Gold Level. The requirements and benefits of each level are as follows:

Bronze Level: 15% off the regular price for all comics if you buy between 2-12 comics every month

Silver Level: 20% off the regular price for all comics if you buy between 13-35 comics every month

Gold Level: 25% off the regular price for all comics if you buy 36+ comics every month

A customer’s Level rating is based on the previous month’s purchases or how many titles they are currently subscribed to. If a customer drops below the number of titles needed by the end of the current month they will be sent to a lower tier the following month.

Up to three free comics every month.

Every month, a subscriber will be rewarded with at least one free comic per month if they subscribe to at least 6 titles, two free comics if they belong to the Silver Level, or three free comics if they belong to Gold. During the first month of being a subscriber you will receive the first issue of a two-issue free subscription to a new series which will be shipped to you alongside your next order. The free comic selection is up to you as we present to you 6 eligible titles. If you do not make a selection then you forfeit your free comic for the month.

This selection you made will be added to your pull-list as an Ongoing Series. Before the final order cutoff of the third issue we will contact you reminding you that if you do not cancel this title before then that you will begin paying for the series starting with the third issue and onwards. If you qualify for two free comics every month, besides the second issue shipping, during the same month you will receive the first issue of your new two-issue free subscription as well with the cycle continuing in perpetuity. Gold members will receive a bonus third free comic every month as well.

The chance to win a monthly prize.

All subscribers online will be entered for the chance to win a monthly prize which could range from a graphic novel to a gift card/store credit.

So what are you waiting for? If you like saving money, like receiving free comics, or like winning prizes then join the growing legion of TIMESTREAM COMICS subscribers today!