Currently, TIMESTREAM COMICS only ships within Canada. We are based in British Columbia and our shipping rates are as follows:

Lower Mainland of British Columbia - $7.99 per order (ETA 2-3 business days)

Rest of British Columbia - $9.99 per order (ETA 3-5 business days)

Alberta/Saskatchewan - $11.99 per order (ETA 4-8 business days)

Yukon/Northwest Territories/Manitoba - $15.99 per order (ETA 7-10 business days)

Ontario/Quebec - $15.99 per order (ETA 7-12 business days)

New Brunswick/Nova Scotia - $19.99 per order (ETA 9-12 business days)

P.E.I./Newfoundland - $19.99 per order (ETA 11-15 business days)

Nunavut - $29.99 per order (ETA arrival 14-21 business days)

Note: shipping prices are subject to change and ETAs are just that, estimates, though they are fairly accurate.